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We are professionally engaged in the mining and trading of coded currencies and many other business matters and we have considerable experience in the investment industry. We invite you to join our company. So, save your time and effort and let business and investment experts work to earn a lot of profits and opportunities and we're happy to be together in our professional team.

Simply register and create a new account for you by setting your wallet address and password - you will have a new account on the site and you can invest in the company website. We develop a profitable investment for you.

You can register in a wallet that supports doge coin - Take your wallet address and register with it on the company website.

You will earn 5% to 20% according to the plan invested each time you get a referral for the upgrade.

Withdrawal applications are generally processed instantly, in rare cases withdrawals can be processed manually and take longer.

Minimum withdrawal amount is 100 Doge. Minimal upgrade amount is 50000 Doge.

The contract will be active according to each purchased plan - there are 365-day contracts - and there are large contracts for 1000 days.

You can contact us via contacts pages form.

There are no commissions on automatic withdrawals - but there is a special commission for manually withdrawing 12 coins in each manual withdrawal.

You can not register more than one account on the same IP address.

Yes - you can do this by pressing the button to reinvest the balance - and choose the right plan for you.